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  • About Dr. Martha Patricia Panamá...

    • Academic data
      -1997-2002 Medical career College of medicine I.P.N.
      -Boarding school of undergraduate July 2002 - June 2003 in 4 HGZ IMSS Celaya, Guanajuato
      -August 2003 July 2004 Social service research, laboratory of Pharmacology. Section for postgraduate studies and research of the higher school of medicine I.P.N.
      -Title 12032
      -Specialty surgery General Hospital South Central High specialty. PEMEX Picacho
      -Subspecialty cosmetic plastic surgery and Reconstructive South Central High specialty Hospital
      -Fellowship aesthetic surgery Dr. Jose Telich Vidal. Hospital Angeles del Pedregal recognition by La Salle University


      Activities in research

      • Participation in the following projects:
      • Characterization on the pharmacokinetics of theophylline in asthmatic patients, Mexican
      • Under the direction of the Dr. Francisco Javier Flores Murrieta
      • Characterization of the relationship between the pharmacokinetics and the anti-inflammatory effect of tolmetin in rats
      • Under the direction of the Dr. Francisco Javier Flores Murrieta
      • Characterization of the relationship between the pharmacokinetics and the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects
      • of ketoprofen in rat
      • Under the direction of the Dr. Francisco Javier Flores Murrieta
      • Alterations of the functions of the endothelium and vascular smooth muscle during the development of the
      • hypertension caused by pharmacological inhibition of the synthesis of nitric oxide in the aorta of
      • rat
      • Under the direction of Dr. Enrique F. Castillo Henkel.

      Degree thesis
      The smooth muscle activation is required to demonstrate in physiological antagonism to the
      nitric oxide exercise on the contractile process in rat aorta
      Under the direction of Dr. Enrique F. Castillo Henkel.

      Special recognitions
      Career in medicine
      June 1999 student tutor at the Academy of medical informatics
      October 1999 Seminar: Nutrition clinic in infectious diseases
      May 2000 assistance IV Scientific Congress Mexican medical students
      June 2001 attendance at the 2nd course of Coloproctology for the clinical doctor
      October 2003 V Congress of research in medicine and VIII National Congress of the Association of alumni of the ESM
      January-June 2004 refresher course medical continuous Salle La
      May 2004 course theoretical practical update on asthma

      March 2006 assistance 5th Congress Urogolfo, Villahermosa Tabasco
      May 2006 XV International Congress of endoscopic surgery assistance
      4th course of endoscopic surgery on wheels
      October 2006 participation in the first day of Colorectal Cancer
      November 2006 work poster in XXX International Congress of Surgery General Jorge Cervantes
      ° Gistoma resection with esophagus jejunum anastomosis
      ° Zencker Meckel with endoscopic control
      ° Complications of esophageal Instrumentation: case report and review of the literature
      April 2007 assistance VXI International Congress of endoscopic surgery and free workplace poster presentation
      ° Experience of cholecystectomy laparoscopic performed by medical residents
      ° Endoscopic Abdominoplasty an alternative for the management of diastasis recti abdominal
      ° Important technical points on experience in the HCSAE, laparoscopic Splenectomy
      ° Treatment of rectal prolapse Ripstein surgery by laparoscopy
      June 2007 UNAM hand surgical anatomy course
      April 2008 attendance at the XVII International Congress of endoscopic surgery
      Presentation of free Oral job
      ° Laparoscopic Radical nephrectomy: Surgical management
      August 2008 III Iberoamerican Congress of Pediatric Surgery
      Free oral job
      ° Employment of Surgisis and surgical sealant in post-traumatic intestinal fistula

      Specialty thesis
      Experience the use of Sorafenib in patients with liver Cancer locally advanced in the service of Oncology Hospital Central South of highly specialized in the period from January 2007 - December 2008
      Out of Surgery General February 2009
      Title of Surgery General professional exam February 28, 2009. Title issued July 2011

      October 2009 first workshop of Auricular reconstruction assistance in the Secretariat of Navy, Navy of Mexico
      September 2009 course AOCMF principles CMF and Pediatrics seminar at the National Institute of Pediatrics.
      October 2010-13th International Course on Perforator Flaps in Hospital Angeles del Pedregal
      January 2011 course national theoretical foundations and updating in plastic surgery and Reconstructive
      May 2011 XLII National Congress Mexican Association of plastic surgery, cosmetic and Reconstructive AC
      June 2011 1st. International Symposium of the National Center for research and care of burns.
      July 2011 Course workshop specializing in hand surgery. In the University Panamaericana School of medicine and the Europeso Institute of Hand surgery
      August 2011 VII course workshop international of surgery of the contour body of the Doctor Rafael Vergara Calleros. Guadalajara.
      September 2011 campaign Operation Smile Tlaxcala, tlaxcala
      III International Symposium on body contouring, CD. Mexico December.

      Thesis subspecialty
      Effect of carboxymethylcellulose, oxide polyethylene, calcium chloride and chloride of sodium in the formation of capsule in implant of silicone in rodents quasi-experimental study
      March 2012 to date partner in women in TVC television program the doctor section. Thursday 10 am
      March 2012-February 2012 Fellowship in surgery esthetics Hospital Angeles del Pedregal in charge of Dr. José Telich Vidal. With recognition of La Salle University.
      January 2013 fundamentals course in plastic surgery carried just by the ACMPER
      Certification by Mexican Board of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. NUM certification 1648
      Member active Mexican Association of plastic surgery www.cirugiaplastica.org
      Member of the Ibero-American Federation of surgery plastic IFPS.
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